Help Jan’s fundraiser to mark her 75th birthday.
Jan Ferguson-Karlsson Vällingby Tobiasregistrets långsiktiga arbete

Help Jan’s fundraiser to mark her 75th birthday.

Fundraiser for the stem-cell TOBIAS REGISTRY to mark my birthday on 27th January. As you know, Gösta was diagnosed with myelofibrosis, a blood cancer, which if untreated, leads to a much shortened life and getting weaker. He is currently in hospital to be treated for this disease, and has now been given a stem-cell transplant. The stem-cells were flown from abroad and the donor match was found through the TOBIASREGISTRET. These blood-forming stem-cells are donated by a live donor, they give some of their bone marrow, the donor’s body will replace the removed bone marrow. This bone marrow are the stem-cells that are used to treat the many blood diseases. Anyone aged 18 to 35, who is healthy, can apply to go on the register. A cheek swab test is taken so that a potential donor can be matched with a sufferer of a blood disease. The register here in Sweden is the TOBIASREGISTRET. It is linked to other stem-cell registers from around the world. We, as a family, will always be grateful that the TOBIASREGISTRET exists, as a donor match was found for Gösta. All the money from this fundraiser will go to the TOBIAS REGISTRY.

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Help Jan’s fundraiser to mark her 75th birthday.
Jan Ferguson-Karlsson
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